Tuesday, March 10, 2009


i thought i had written so many more entries then i had...oops. so now for a quick update.

we had visitors from canada - what a breath of fresh air.

we had no water for 17 days - i have learned to live with less and as rod says, the land will be a dream holiday for me. i don't think so. i think i am cured of camping for about 13 years.

we had a holiday at nagarkot - we stayed at a tea house in a mountain village. the kids even got to swim in a luke warm hot tub and rod and i got a nepali massage. very different from home - rod and i both came out laughing..."did that lady just straddle you????" aaahh, memories.

we have started packing, giving things away - realizing we don't really need this, saying goodbyes. the most heart wrenching one was to say goodbye to sushila and her family. we all cried like babies...wondering when we will see each other again.

then sickness hit with a boom - landing anya and i flat on our backs. we are desperate to get better since we fly out in 2 days and praying that no one else in the family catches it. i think my older girls are fine - they were eating chips ahoy cookies and giggling.

today is a hindu holiday which has us confined to our rooms. people throw balloons or bags full of red dye and seem to favor white foreign people. there are cases of older teens that throw urine and feces. it was advised that we should stay inside all day...in emielia's words - boring!!!

so we leave...we have a chance to go home to a land of abundance - of fresh water, fresh air, abundance of electricity and space. and we leave our friends to fight, to struggle, to live with less, to create, to dance, to give generously, to remember ... we will never forget them!