Thursday, October 30, 2008


A few neat stories to share that happened this week. Elisa and I gathered the kids and took a Tuk Tuk (small electric powered bus) to Thamel (downtown Kathmandu). The little Tuk Tuk wound its way through the streets and in the middle of no where the driver told us to get out as this was our bus stop.....a Nepali man sitting beside me piped up (in perfect english)and stated that we should continue further and explained this to the driver. This kind gentleman got out at our proper bus stop and guided us to our destination. Reminds me of Psalm 139 vs5,6 (....the girls think the man was an angel sent by God).
As we were walking in Thamel we encountered a lady on the ground with a withered leg begging for money. Without hesitation Anya handed the lady her water bottle and the lady's eyes started to well up. That same day as we were making our way back Emielia and Ava gave their water bottle to a man with leprosy...his fingers were missing and appeared to be blind in one eye. Later when we got home the girls prayed for these people and inside I felt the delight of our Father.
Yesterday, De pock (a street boy with a head injury) came to the church compound to visit. He started to play trucks with Anya ....I approached him and he put out his hand and asked for 1 rupee (approximately 1.5 cdn cents) I called Ava and we served him digestive cookies ,a glass of sprite and a package of Mr. noodles. He repeatedly stated dhanyabaad,dhanyabaad (thank you, thank you) and went on his way. I later thought maybe that was Jesus in disguise as it felt like we were serving a King.

nepali dance..

class at the zoo...

anya with her new friends.

the little white girl...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

not your average day...

what i love....
oreo cookies

what i wish i had not seen...
the pee wall
goats mating
a bat the size of a small cat
the sounds of rats scurrying above us (yes, there seems to be more then one)
a child being hit by an adult

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

kathmandu sorry i have not updated - it has been a bit of an overwhelming week with the heat, the millions of ants in our apartment, the rat, the cockroaches, gekos, the howling dogs, the huge the jet lag...
we arrived last thursday to beautiful chaos. we felt somewhat accustomed to the time difference since we had stayed overnight in soeul (at the hyatt regency hotel - a gift from the airline!!!!!) the rooms were like walking into an ikea showroom. had freed dinner and breakfast and then boarded the flight for our last leg of the journey. when we arrived at the airport (or should i say a small bus terminal) there was another 747 unloading its passengers so this little place was crammed with tourists. we stood in line for 2 hours waiting to get our visas. there was a nice man who helped us and we ended up bypassing the long line up (so just imagine how long we would have been standing there!!!). we got a visa for three months and the children were free. (because they are cute :)
the first 3 days was horrible...rod and i walked into a fairly dirty place so we had to scrub and disinfect the whole place. it has been overwhelming trying to teach the girls not to touch everything they see, not to put their fingers in their mouth, not to pick their nose, not to touch their feet, always wear your indoor shoes inside....blah blah. oh, and always use hand sanitation - the joys of living with a nurse. but i must say rod has been amazing...never seen him clean so much and i think it is pretty hot :) and so far we have been doing very well. it helps that we have our own kitchen and we cook our own food.
it is amazing what sleep can do with your outlook on life. i feel now that we can do it....we can make it thru. and it is amazing what a schedule can do...we wake up between 6 and 7, eat breakfast, start school at 9 till 11, play time, lunch and then a family outing. we bought a year membership at the zoo (about $15 canadian) and it is an incredible zoo that houses black bear, tigers, monkeys, hyennas, hippos, rhinos and more that we haven't had a chance to see yet.
noel (the pastor) has encouraged us to take our time before we embark on any thing big. rod has already started setting up the medical clinic and has been able to take care of a few people. Noel has asked for my help in communicating with the west and in time i will get more involved with the women here.
well, i must get back to school....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

journey across canada

here i sit in abbotsford...waiting....seems to be a theme in my life...waiting for sleep to come...waiting for morning....waiting to arrive at the next destination...waiting...

we have travelled across canada - had christmas last week (with a tree, carols and trimmings), then 6 months worth of birthday festivities and 2 days later a pinata filled with candy. tomorrow is a thanksgiving feast. feels like we are trying to squeeze in as many family celebrations as physically possible before we leave. emotionally i feel like i am about to burst and i won't even mention my waistline.
i have come to the place where i am ready to take the leap no matter what. reminds me a little of childbirth when you come to the point of no return. you are tired of being fat and bloated and want to meet this baby and try to get back to "normal" life. i am ready to birth even if it hurts...i am ready to meet this new one i have carried for so long - this dream that is about to become a reality.

so on tuesday we leave for seattle to fly to soeul, korea and then to kathmandu....i will call it transitional labor. on thursday i will hold my babe :)

ps. no mom - i am not really pregnant :)