Saturday, April 11, 2009



we have made our way across the ocean, thru customs, over the mountains, meandering towards the prairies and finally our destination - home. things were not quite what we expected or remembered but relief filled us because we had made it.
physically that is....emotionally is another story.
nothing in us is quite the same - we have lived and breathed a different life for a sustainable amount of time. we have survived with very little, the things we took for granted like electricity and water, we are overwhelmed with thankfulness to have it in abundance. we will never complain about winnipeg water again, though at times it may smell unpleasant it is at least clear and coming out of the tap :) if we do utter words of ungratefulness you do have permission to remind us.
my insides have been in upheaval - my emotions range from guilt to relief, and happy to sad. when we left Nepal, our friends were in the middle of a water shortage and we were able to escape that to our home. we just got news that they were able to access an underground spring in the middle of the courtyard...they, now have water in abundance !!!!
i have learned to be content, i have rediscovered a best friend, i have grown up, i have witnessed my girls dream and share without restriction, i have seen miracles.
i think maybe our journey is just beginning....