Friday, February 6, 2009

to be or not

time is ticking and my little taste buds are getting excited to sink my teeth into a juicy beef burger....mmmm....sorry to all the vegans out there.
i am also excited to settle back into community - a place where i can understand and know that i am understood. i can move with room to breathe (nepalis have no sense of personal space - if you are clausterphobic do not ride the buses). i can walk and not be pointed at or cheeks touched (don't worry - the upper cheeks :)
my house...where the hot tap actually will provide warmth... that you can turn on a tap and water pours out. electricity that is available with one flick of a switch. heat to take the chill away.
i will miss the weather, the banana trees, the flowers, the abundance of fresh vegetables 50 steps from our front door, the friends that have become like sisters and brothers, the frequent song that bursts forth from someone's lips. the smiles, the hugs, the example of generousity from the poorest.
i will miss it here but i am ready.


livinginnepal said...

Funny that, at the same time as you are anticipating coming 'home', we were discussing the possibility of returning (as a family or not). Yesterday we met with a Nepali couple, part of a community of about 50, who are anticipating the arrival of up to 70 more Nepali refugees from Bhutan, who had been in a camp in Sikkim for over 10 years. Interesting, no?

Ken said...

Ahhh yes! Sounds as though you Jersaks have been bitten by the 'soon to return home bug'. We also came under their attack. And yes the water will fall from your taps oh so sweetly. But be forwarned! After coming from Nepal (and enduring the water shortages)your conscience may not allow you to simply continuously run the hot tap in the shower. Sueresh just called us this morning saying that you have to get up at 4:00 a.m. to get even a little water. We feel for you guys! Hang in there! One month and you're home! Blessings!Posted by Ken Lewis.

Franklin 5 said...

oh how I am missing you and looking forward to seeing you and sharing our experiences with you! We are already back from our family trip and desiring to go back, but it was good to come home to the familiar! Praying for you and the remainder of your time here. Thursday staff prayed for you we have for many weeks...