Monday, February 16, 2009

what the heck?

so what the heck?
we have hardly written the past couple of weeks and to be honest i am not sure why...except we have felt saddened by life and the aspects that cannot be changed over night. maybe we wanted to spare you all the depressing details...maybe we just did not want to think about it ourselves and when you write it down you have to process.
if i was at home i would be sitting in front of the TV watching some mind-numbing program.
when a world vision commercial comes on i could change the channel but here there is no remote to end the heart ache inside. even when we retreat to our place we are still overwhelmed with people and questions and needs.

so what to do?
maybe just live out our last few days in solitary confinement has been a thought. except that rod and i are so drawn to people we would have to interact. the other part is we would probably kill each other :)
we have to be in matter the disappointment or pain or the prospect of losing it all. we will stay engaged. we will choose to enjoy and look for opportunities to share.


Ken said...

Live and love as much as you can with our family there! Yes, your heart is tearing at the reality of soon leaving but know that it's a fuel that will keep your love burning even long after your return to the Winnipeg. Much is happening in regards to the WCV being connected to the Nepal community here in Winnipeg. Later. Blessings on you guys, Ken Lewis

Becky said...

Life changing experiences. You will never look at the 'good life' here the same again. You are changed.... forever.

Bless you both for the sacrifice you've made in the small corner of Nepal and the Nepali people you've touched. You are amazing servants.

Love you all.

Franklin 5 said...

continue to love the'll regret it if you don't do it to the end of your time there!

How are the people there doing with the fact that you are leaving soon? Are you being asked to stay?

Elisa...when you get back we are doing our spa day once all gets need some pampering after all the heart, love, and compassion you have poured out on those beautiful Nepali well as for all the hurt and heartache you have witnessed! You need to be GIVEN something....filled up!!

Todd said...

Thinking about you guys often. What's your itinerary for March? It's coming soon....

heike said...

love you guys, can't wait for you to come back!